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Be Ready for Severe Weather Conditions While RVing

Weather the storm safely in your RV with these helpful tips.

Start with the forecast

It helps to research before your trip and find out when bad weather usually arrives at your destination, as well as along the route you’ll be taking. Closer to your travel dates, start keeping an eye on the extended forecast.

In the event of strong winds

When strong winds are in the forecast, be sure to stow away lightweight outdoor gear that could blow away, such as camp chairs and garbage bags. Retract your RV’s awnings and check that your stabilizing jacks are in the best position to keep you as steady as possible through the storm.

What to do in a heat wave

When the temperature outside is spiking, your RV will heat up fast. If extreme heat is coming, the best way to stay cool is to pick a site where you can park under a tree in some shade. Keep your curtains drawn during the day, your door closed as much as possible, and either your AC or a small fan running.

Take the high road in heavy rain

During periods of intense rainfall, watch out for rapidly rising water. If you’re camped in a spot at risk for flooding, hit the road and seek out higher ground.

Be ready for snow

If you may encounter winter conditions, it’s a good idea to travel with a collapsible shovel and chains. Be prepared with extra supplies and a back-up source of heat and water, should you get snowed in on the road or at your camp site.

In any severe weather event, it helps to be prepared.

If a storm is headed your way, a few quick preparations will keep you comfortable while you’re stuck waiting out the weather. To start, fully charge your RV battery in the event of a power outage, and have flashlights and matches where they’re easily accessible. Fill your freshwater tank for safe drinking water, and ensure that you’ve got a few days’ worth of food available. Top up gas cans for emergency fuel or generator use.

You should also make a habit of keeping an emergency preparedness kit with first aid supplies, bottled water, emergency food items, extra batteries, and basic tools. 

Know when to hit the road

The flexibility of RV living means that, with enough warning, sometimes the best solution is to simply hit the road in search of better weather.

Know where to turn for help

If a severe weather event on the road leaves you in need of repair, the RV Care network of dealers have got your back. Learn more about our 6-step service guidelines.

Safe travels!

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